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Halloween Card Making

Sharing the joy of Halloween is hard when folks aren't close by to celebrate it. This year I decided to mark the holiday by making some cards to send. They sure were a hit and I wanted to share them here. I used a premade foam sayings that I got at the local dollar store which had been sitting in my craft box for ages. I also used my Cricut to create my characters. I found the images on the web and used my Sure Cuts Alot software to create them.

Wedding Sign In Idea

Wishing Tree

My best friend got married over the summer and wanted to have something different instead of the traditional sign in book that they have at most weddings. We had seen several trees on various sites that were nice but they were for the most part beyond the budget. So we went back to the drawing board. We both scoured the web for places that sold the tree and the prices can vary so I suggest you search thoroughly. If you want real wood(Manzanita) vs. synthetic it is up to you. I personally liked the malleability of the fake tree versus the real branches.

Since her colors were persimmon, silver and ivory we were lucky to find a quality silver tree. The next step was where I came in, what would we do for the tags? I of course had my Cricut primed and ready I just needed to figure out what patterns would work for the project. I decided to mix designs so that when the tags would hang there would be a whimsical effect because of the different shapes.

I used my Christmas and Storyb…

Hello Crafters!

In this blog I hope to share some of my projects that I have been working on. I am a relatively simple crafter and I like to work on projects that are fun and easy. I am no expert, but I do think you can only get better at what you do by trying and sharing. This is my attempt at that. I am not sure what projects will come out of this endeavor but please feel free to share your thoughts on anything you see.