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Congratulations, it isn't so easy.

My best friend is going to do something very special this weekend. She is LDS and this weekend she is going to be sealed in the temple to her husband and son. I was trying to figure what kind of card I could possibly give her and I was drawing a blank. I have had to think about this project for quite sometime and I was not sure what I would even do. I didn't want to do something that was just congratulations, that would not be fitting to the occasion because this is really a big deal. Then I thought about a wedding type card which would not be fitting because this is really about the whole family. With that thought in mind I went on an internet idea hunt.

 I thought about what would be important and symbolic for this card. I looked for a commercial card before I even decided to create one, but I didn't find any that were what I was looking for. At first I thought about a card with a family silhouette on it. I just didn't like most of the poses and I almost started to draw …

First Communion Card

With the spring time comes the Communion time for some of my nieces. I wanted to make them special cards that would be unique for this occasion.

There's not much for this particular event out there. So I was at the drawing board for quite some time trying to figure it out. I was pretty much at a loss when I was going through my Cricut cartridges. I decided to look on the web for some ideas. I finally stumbled on a image that would work perfectly. A young girl kneeling in prayer. This is a classic image that reminded me of my childhood and I knew it would be the right image to use for this card. So after I found that it was a matter of deciding what else I could come up with below are my two creations. Let me know what you think!
I embossed both cards using my Sizzix Texture Boutique. I chose different style crosses to make each card unique. I also changed the size of my items on the second car. I really thought it was a great idea and really represented the true meaning of their …

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate those special women in our lives who have provided love and support. So what better way to tell them you care by making them a little something special to go along with their tokens of love.
Here are three that I made this year. Each was created to match the personalities of the people who are going to be receiving them. I try to make them each a little different and special in their own way.
The first used a scroll background using my SCAL software and my Cricut. I chose to keep it simple with design but I still wanted to make them elegant. I loved the mint and pink coloring. I chalked the lettering because originally it was the same pink as the base card and I really wanted it to pop.

The second card was using Sentimentals cartridge. I embossed the teacups using my Sizzix texture boutique. I was in a color splash mood and decided to use a bold background for my tea set. I think the emnossing really enhances each piece without going over …

May Birthday Cards

It seems like every month I look at my calender and see another birthday coming up. This post is going to showcase the cards that I made for a  few of my girls. Hope you enjoy them.

I really love the Cricut cartridge's Once Upon a Princess and Sweet Treats. I utilized both of these in my cards. I was surprised at what I made.

The first card is for my niece who really is my little princess. She is turning six. She likes to see herself in any card that I make for her no matter what it's for. So I decided that I would try to make her a princess and I cut all the pieces for her out and realized that the sizing of the paper dolls don't really mat up to the separate pieces! I had to manipulate them a bit to get them all to fit together cohesively. At that point she was complete but I thought she needed something more to fill in the card. She has two older brothers and I thought it would be cute to incorporate them into the card as well so I made the little frog princes. Now that…