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It's the Holiday Season

I really wish that I had more time to enjoy myself this holiday season. Suddenly we are 4 days from Christmas and I am barely getting my cards done! I blame it on the flu which hit me pretty bad late last week, but I think I always feel pressed for time around this time of year. So below are just some of my card creations. I would explain them better if I didn't have a million things to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with joy and togetherness with the ones you love!
 This one is for my BFF I wish I could be closer to her so that we could share the holidays like we used to. I used Joys of the Season cartridge to create the card.
 I love the idea of a Santa card that was simple and yet cute. I took a piece of velvet ribbon and added the buckle embellishment.
I had tried to make this card interesting. I think Gingy, looks like he is pretty happy. I added some glitter to make him more festive.
 I still love those foam snowflake stickers. Too bad I used the last of th…

It's Mojo Time!

Another year is quickly coming to an end and I am once again trying to get creative with making my Christmas cards, unfortunately the creative juices were not flowing and I literally couldn't find most of my favorite crafting supplies. So here is what I could come up with for this weeks Mojo Monday challenge.                                                                                           I went for a winter blue color scheme and I found some of my favorite snowflakes in my craft box. I used Storybook to cut out my shape for my phrase. I was going to cut out some custom snowflake borders but the scale I was trying to use wouldn't work. After several tries, I finally gave up and decided the snowflake ribbon would look just as nice I hope you enjoy my simple take on this weeks project. Hopefully I can once again create a little something special next time!

Birthday Bunch Mojo Monday

I am finally getting back into the groove of things with this latest Mojo Monday sketch. I hope that you enjoy them!    I wanted to make something festive for my friends birthday and I thought this would be a great way to test my latest skills. I used my Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser on the base of both of the cards. I used Spots & Dots for the top one and African Batik for the green one. Those are both Cuttlebug folders but they work just the same as the Sizzix ones. I used my Storybook Cricut cartridge to make the circle and scallop and used Sweet Treats for the sentiment on the green card.. I used my liquid pearls along with my stamps. I have to admit I wasn't too sure if I could make this as cute as I imagined them.

I hope that you enjoy them!

Mojo 249

It's another sketch and I just got finished with it! Take a look at my creation below and try making your own Mojo Monday creation.

If you haven't noticed I love pink and purple. So I took a little  time and created a mix of my favorites. I decided to keep it simple. I found the butterfly in my die cuts. I used my Sizzix to emboss the squares. I hope you enjoy it!

Mojo Monday 248....Saturday Post

I was at the store on Friday and found some specials. So I got back to work on another entry for Mojo Monday. So this a birthday card and I guess I was really feeling the green and purple mix.

I used my George Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge to make the ovals. I had some really interesting paper ribbon that I found from a scrapbook expo I attended a while ago. I used the glitter cardstock. Then I got my embossing machine out to make it a little more interesting. I love that Sizzix Texture Boutique!!! I used a stamp that I got at Michaels for the sentiment. I found some feathers that I have been wanting to figure out what to do with and I actually like the results.I used a large gem to complete the look. I hope you enjoy it!!


Okay so I have been having some creative issues lately. I really haven't been as inspired as I would like to be. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's not. So I came into this Mojo Monday Challenge with little inspiration. So I sat and stared at my supplies and decided I would make a Thank You card. I know I will need it soon enough and I figured at some point I will be inspired.

So I used my Cricut Zooballo and George Basic Shapes cartridges. I added some Stickles glitter to make it more embellished. I took out my trusty Sizzix and embossed some of the layers. After that I added my flower and put some bling on it. I hope you like it!

They say it's your birthday!

My sister is turning 48 today and of course I am making her a special card to commemorate the occasion. I wanted it to be sophisticated and so I designed this card using some of my favorite elements. I started with a black base, though it seems a little dark, it really worked for the contrast I was looking for. I embossed it using my Sizzix Texture Boutique. I used a Damask design for the next layer. And cut out the happy birthday and her name with my SCAL. I decided to using my copper Stickles to embellish her name. I can only hope that she likes it.

Mojo Monday 246

I am at it yet again and trying to create another project to post for this weeks sketch contest over at MojoMonday I was a pretty inspired this week and I hope you like the results.                                                                                                      I was thinking about upcoming birthdays and my lack of cards that could work for either boys or girls. I wanted it to be fun and different so I set out to use my trusty Cricut. I decided I wanted to make something with animals and I wasn't sure what. I started by selecting my Create a Critter cartridge. I selected a koala, giraffe, zebra and monkey. I had to laugh at the scale of my animals the giraffe was super miniature but still cute, maybe it is a pygmy giraffe, those exist, right? I found and Animal Kingdom paper stack and decided to use the vines piece for the monkey. I used a ribbon of vines, which I had from a previous project, now I think I want to make a couple of more monkey themed cards to …

Mojo Monday Entry

This is the first time I was inspired to try a contest. I know the photo isn't the best but I was very pleased with the card. Below is the sketch that inspired my card. Hope you like it!

I used my Cricut and the Storybook Cartridge. I used design studio to make the sizes that I needed. I embellished using some Stickles glitter in Waterfall, Aqua and Lavender. I had some flowers laying around so I added them as well as a brad.I embossed the large circle using my Sizzix Texture Boutique. I really love that thing, it adds a little extra to any project. I used some cardstock scraps that I had left over from another project. So here is my finished project.


I wish my image quality was better but my camera just isn't working how I would like it. This card was made for a graduate this year and I was very proud of my creative endeavor so I thought I would share it. I went for a simple classic look and incorporated the school colors into the design. I used my SCAL software to make the design and found the original image here. I added the diploma as a dimensional piece and used my Zots adhesive dots to hold down the paper. I put a brad to hold the tassel as well. Hope you enjoy it!

June Birthdays

June Birthdays are here and I had to get started on some very special cards. I am going to share the most interesting cards I have created for the month.

My BFF is turning is celebrating a milestone this month and I wanted to make her a special and unique card that celebrates all that I love about her. I took bronze cardstock and created my larger card 6' by 5' card. I used my Cricut and the Damask cartridge for the design. I added some pizazz by using some Stickles glitter to embellish in a copper and green coloring. I used SCAL to do make the custom lettering and chose a mustard contrast color. On the inside I embossed a special message box and a quote which I would have show if I had remembered to take a picture of it, sorry. This card looks harder to make than it really is but I enjoyed creating it for my wonderful friend. Hope you like it.

This card was made with a special request that it use a guitar. I seriously should not take on challenges like this because finding a …

Congratulations, it isn't so easy.

My best friend is going to do something very special this weekend. She is LDS and this weekend she is going to be sealed in the temple to her husband and son. I was trying to figure what kind of card I could possibly give her and I was drawing a blank. I have had to think about this project for quite sometime and I was not sure what I would even do. I didn't want to do something that was just congratulations, that would not be fitting to the occasion because this is really a big deal. Then I thought about a wedding type card which would not be fitting because this is really about the whole family. With that thought in mind I went on an internet idea hunt.

 I thought about what would be important and symbolic for this card. I looked for a commercial card before I even decided to create one, but I didn't find any that were what I was looking for. At first I thought about a card with a family silhouette on it. I just didn't like most of the poses and I almost started to draw …

First Communion Card

With the spring time comes the Communion time for some of my nieces. I wanted to make them special cards that would be unique for this occasion.

There's not much for this particular event out there. So I was at the drawing board for quite some time trying to figure it out. I was pretty much at a loss when I was going through my Cricut cartridges. I decided to look on the web for some ideas. I finally stumbled on a image that would work perfectly. A young girl kneeling in prayer. This is a classic image that reminded me of my childhood and I knew it would be the right image to use for this card. So after I found that it was a matter of deciding what else I could come up with below are my two creations. Let me know what you think!
I embossed both cards using my Sizzix Texture Boutique. I chose different style crosses to make each card unique. I also changed the size of my items on the second car. I really thought it was a great idea and really represented the true meaning of their …

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great day to celebrate those special women in our lives who have provided love and support. So what better way to tell them you care by making them a little something special to go along with their tokens of love.
Here are three that I made this year. Each was created to match the personalities of the people who are going to be receiving them. I try to make them each a little different and special in their own way.
The first used a scroll background using my SCAL software and my Cricut. I chose to keep it simple with design but I still wanted to make them elegant. I loved the mint and pink coloring. I chalked the lettering because originally it was the same pink as the base card and I really wanted it to pop.

The second card was using Sentimentals cartridge. I embossed the teacups using my Sizzix texture boutique. I was in a color splash mood and decided to use a bold background for my tea set. I think the emnossing really enhances each piece without going over …

May Birthday Cards

It seems like every month I look at my calender and see another birthday coming up. This post is going to showcase the cards that I made for a  few of my girls. Hope you enjoy them.

I really love the Cricut cartridge's Once Upon a Princess and Sweet Treats. I utilized both of these in my cards. I was surprised at what I made.

The first card is for my niece who really is my little princess. She is turning six. She likes to see herself in any card that I make for her no matter what it's for. So I decided that I would try to make her a princess and I cut all the pieces for her out and realized that the sizing of the paper dolls don't really mat up to the separate pieces! I had to manipulate them a bit to get them all to fit together cohesively. At that point she was complete but I thought she needed something more to fill in the card. She has two older brothers and I thought it would be cute to incorporate them into the card as well so I made the little frog princes. Now that…

Easter Greetings

I can't wait to eat some candy this weekend. Yes it's Easter and I still get a basket! Okay so I may just buy a bag of chocolate all for myself but the point is, it's a time to celebrate and send out some greetings. Here are my designs, enjoy!

I am still loving the embossing. It just makes everything a little bit fancier.

Saying Thanks

There are some times when you just need to send someone a special thank you and for me there is never a better way to show someone you care by making them a special card. These are just some of my creations.
I am really enjoying the use of my latest tool the Sizzix Texture Boutique embossing machine.I used my Cricut for the lettering and additional art work and I just had some fun with chalk on my cards.

March Birthday Greeting

So I have a wonderful niece who loves to dance and I wanted to create a special card just for her. I wasn't sure what I would use so I thought about one of her favorite things to do which is ballet. I think a Ballerina would be perfect to wish her a happy birthday. So using my Cricut I created this beauty. I made it special by adding the ribbon skirt to add more dimension to the doll. My niece loved it!

Valentines Greeting Cards

It's that time again to wish the ones you love a Happy Valentines Day. I'm not really going to elaborate on my creations too much this time around. Iused my Cricut and my trusty SCAL to come up with my unique designs. I just wanted to share them. So enjoy!

Creative Organization

Organization, it’s probably the most important attribute for a scrapbooker, card maker or general crafter should have. For the most part I think I am pretty organized…..until I can’t find what I am looking for and toss everything around. Oops. So my resolution this year is to figure out better ways to organize. Since I have little space to set up my ultimate crafting area, I have been thinking of creative ways to put things away. an idea is born
Sitting here eating some very delicious pretzel rods I kept staring at the package the sticks came in. I wondered what I could possibly use this for. I looked over at my stack of boxes which I loved but found to be completely useless in the displaying of my ribbons. I am a visual person; I need to see things to remember to use them so though the boxes can hold a lot there isn’t a neat way to show me what’s available. So I pondered what I could do and it finally came to me, the container could hold my ribbons! Now I just had to figure out how to…