May Birthday Cards

It seems like every month I look at my calender and see another birthday coming up. This post is going to showcase the cards that I made for a  few of my girls. Hope you enjoy them.

I really love the Cricut cartridge's Once Upon a Princess and Sweet Treats. I utilized both of these in my cards. I was surprised at what I made.

The first card is for my niece who really is my little princess. She is turning six. She likes to see herself in any card that I make for her no matter what it's for. So I decided that I would try to make her a princess and I cut all the pieces for her out and realized that the sizing of the paper dolls don't really mat up to the separate pieces! I had to manipulate them a bit to get them all to fit together cohesively. At that point she was complete but I thought she needed something more to fill in the card. She has two older brothers and I thought it would be cute to incorporate them into the card as well so I made the little frog princes. Now that I had them I looked at the card and still wasn't satisfied, I am ever the embellisher(not a word, I know!), so I decided that this card needed a castle. So I cut a shadow cut of one. I was going to layer it but I thought that would be too much. Instead, I embossed it using my Sizzix Texture Boutique and added colored flags and drew the entrance. Now that I started to build it I thought it would look even better if I added some depth to it so I made it like a drawing and added a pond in the foreground an grass for the princess and the castle. I  only hope that she likes it!

 The second card is for a young lady turning 15. Actually I did this card a bit ago but wasn't able to give it to the recipient until now and didn't want to share ahead of her getting the actual card. I was going for a simple look for this card that wasn't too childish and yet was whimsical. The cake fit the bill. I layered it using the Sweet Treats cartridge. I created the flames on the candles using my Sickles pearl colors. I embossed the background using the Sizzix Texture Boutique.

 The last card is for an 8 year old girl. I think she is just about to get out the the princess motif but I wanted to give her one of these. I decided to incorporate one of her favorite things in the card. Cupcakes! I wanted to keep it pretty simple. So I just embossed the background and added the cupcakes. The small cupcakes was a labor of love. I had to glue down the individual layers and it was easy on the larger size but the smaller one caused me to get more glue on my hands than I would have liked. I made it personalized by adding her name to the front. I chalked the letters to give the gradient effect as well as the cupcake paper.

I hope you liked them! Let me know what you think.



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