Congratulations, it isn't so easy.

My best friend is going to do something very special this weekend. She is LDS and this weekend she is going to be sealed in the temple to her husband and son. I was trying to figure what kind of card I could possibly give her and I was drawing a blank. I have had to think about this project for quite sometime and I was not sure what I would even do. I didn't want to do something that was just congratulations, that would not be fitting to the occasion because this is really a big deal. Then I thought about a wedding type card which would not be fitting because this is really about the whole family. With that thought in mind I went on an internet idea hunt.

 I thought about what would be important and symbolic for this card. I looked for a commercial card before I even decided to create one, but I didn't find any that were what I was looking for. At first I thought about a card with a family silhouette on it. I just didn't like most of the poses and I almost started to draw my own but it just wasn't working for me. So I went back to looking at wedding type cards and kept seeing chapel type imagery and I thought to myself, Eureka! I would create a card with an image of the place they are going! Obviously, I should have thought this through better because it was hard to get an image made to the scale that I needed. I used my Cricut and my SCAL software to make the image. I thought it would be easy but it took me several tries to get the image to cut correctly. My poor Cricut was not able to cut some of the very delicate and small details but I think it looks pretty good. My only new issues was the envelope was to small for the prominent spire. But hopefully when she gets this card she will appreciate the effort. So what do you think?


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