It's the Holiday Season

I really wish that I had more time to enjoy myself this holiday season. Suddenly we are 4 days from Christmas and I am barely getting my cards done! I blame it on the flu which hit me pretty bad late last week, but I think I always feel pressed for time around this time of year. So below are just some of my card creations. I would explain them better if I didn't have a million things to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with joy and togetherness with the ones you love!
 This one is for my BFF I wish I could be closer to her so that we could share the holidays like we used to. I used Joys of the Season cartridge to create the card.
 I love the idea of a Santa card that was simple and yet cute. I took a piece of velvet ribbon and added the buckle embellishment.
I had tried to make this card interesting. I think Gingy, looks like he is pretty happy. I added some glitter to make him more festive.
 I still love those foam snowflake stickers. Too bad I used the last of them on this card. I went for simple elegance, did I succeed?
 I loved making the joy ornament on my Cricut, too bad I made it too large to use on the original card plan I created. So I decided to be whimsical instead. I used a brad to embellish the bow and I just loved this ribbon!


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